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REVIEW: This is a Driver App (Order Tracking App) for tracking the Driver’s Location, Estimated Distance and Time of Arrival in real time, of orders placed on the Kafas Xpress Gas Ordering App – https://market.ionicframework.com/starters/gas-ordering-app ( View Demo of the Kafas Xpress Gas Ordering App at: http://kafas-mobile.demo.jeffreyaboh.co.uk/ )


Unzip the downloaded source code Open terminal or cmd in the root directory of the source code/app run “npm install” to add all dependencies run “ionic serve” to run the app That’s all! You have your running app You can also modify the “firebase.config.ts” file to your personal firebase credentials.

TESTING ON BROWSER: You can test the app/source code at http://kafas-driver.demo.jeffreyaboh.co.uk using the following login details Login Details: Email: [email protected] Password: test123 or simply create a new test account.

TESTING ON ANDROID: Download APK file from Google Drive at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16otGM-zXBJmXyxBatveiDLbaL7Cs4vkT/view?usp=drivesdk


Orders list assigned by the admin to driver. Driver Login & Signup. Map & Geolocation. Real time tracking. Calculate distance and estimated time of arrival. 1 Click to call customer. Easy to integrate with Firebase Admin panel – http://kafas-admin.demo.jeffreyaboh.co.uk/

NB: To get the Admin Panel/Dashboard for FREE, send a receipt of this purchase to [email protected] and a link to download the Admin Panel/Dashboard would be emailed back to you within 24 hours.

For more information and support, email: [email protected]

Software Version Ionic 3.6.x
Demo URL https://kafas-driver.demo.jeffreyaboh.co.uk/
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