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Jarvis Home provides a fast web application for managing smart home devices. The network communication runs via simple commands, which are documented in the code.

You have the ability to add and edit devices like a Raspberry PI or Arduino. You can specify an IP and port for each device.

Each device has functions. The simplest function is the ON/OFF function, for example to switch a GPIO pin to high or low – perfect for lighting control.

But you can also add advanced functions like RGB control. Our web interface then offers you a color picker to change the RGB lighting.

Often you want to be able to not only “control” but also read off. With sensors there is often the problem that you have to manipulate values and change them to the desired output. You can directly enter your Python code in the web application, which reads and changes the values and thus remains 100% flexible.

Every network device is basically also a server. To give you an easy start on how to program such a server, we have developed a template for the Raspberry Pi in Python, which may need to be adapted.

With ASP.NET Core and the fast SQLite database the server is platform independent, reliable, responsive and fast.

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